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Posted on 2009.06.12 at 09:47
 School technically ended yesterday at perry, but I was out wednesday for Perry and monday for Auburn. I got an A on my research paper! 92%! I'm showing Missy in KC's ranch race tomorrow. Should be interesting. I also need to organize/clean my room. ASAP. Ugh.

needs to hear
Posted on 2008.09.14 at 08:45
Current Mood: stressedstressed
So last night he said at like 910 he said he was going to sleep.
I'm pretty sure he lied and talked on the phone with her all night.
maybe im just too fucking paranoid.
he just needs to stop talking to like 87% of the girls he does.....
i wouldnt freak out then....

...i hate myself.

Posted on 2008.09.13 at 23:07
Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
holy wow. its been so long since ive actually bothered to update this thing. like over 6 months.
im pathetic haha.
mine and joes 5 month is on the 20th. im pretty excited.
Joe and I went cosmic bowling last night. We picked up Josh on the way and met up with mike and sean while we were there. Oh and Melinda (joshs girlfriend) and Corrie met us up there. Corries a not-so-nice person haha. she was like seriously fucking bipolar or something. shed be bitching about something and then be all happy because she had a big ass bag of swedish fish. And melinda was disappointed because Josh wouldnt dance with her or let her dance. apparently bad things happen when she dances hahaha.
I was the only one (out of those of us who actually bowled) to not try. And i beat joseph haha. not by much. and it was only the first game so joe and josh called it their "warm up". haha losers.
I do feel bad about last night, though. I felt better last night because i was the thinnest girl there... does that make me a bad person? ugh. probably. It shouldn't even matter anyways. I'm such a tool....
Joe was supposed to come over today at 12. Get the new Durango at 8. The jerk who was selling it to him didn't even show up until 230. He dropped Jeramy (think a 6' monkey on crack with tattoos hahaha) and said he'd be back in 15 minutes. its 1113 right now and they still dont know where he went. Apparently he went up to the police station (hes in trouble for reasons unknown to me) and then just disappeared. plus he doesn't have a phone. Thursday he, jeramy, and Mandy (jeramys girlfriend) were texting from various stores to joes phone off of the phones for sale. it pretty much turned into guess what store im in! then at like 9 thursday night they came over so we could check the durango out. its pretty cool... minus the creepy barbie head thats just sitting there on the dashboard. creepsters.
Well, im pretty much no longer entertained with updating tonight....
i think im gonna try to keep this thing up to date and not 6 months behind....

Posted on 2007.12.24 at 16:34



-your name
-where I know you from

and anything else you'd like to =]]

Posted on 2007.07.31 at 09:55
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: transparent-porcelain and the tramps
So, yeah, this is my supposed new (and improved?) livejournal. My old one can be found at http://monkey-drummer7.livejournal.com/  
so..yeah. I guess I'll update again sometime later...yeah. This isn't awkward...